Counterterrorism officials as saying that Al Shabaab recruiters

As word has gotten out, the series has attracted touring musicians to drop by. The players have included organist Christopher Bull and, in March, two members of the Vienna Philharmonic who sat in. At the August concert, Siberian violinist Vadim Repin was in the audience but didn’t perform.

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canada goose jackets You ask me what keeps me awake at night, it is the thought of an American passport holding person who transits through a training camp in Somalia and gets some skill and then finds their way back into the United States to attack Americans here in our homeland, General Carter Ham, the head of the United States Africa Command, said late last year. Homeland, adding that many as two dozen Muslim Americans with Al Shabaab who in many cases were trained by top al Qaeda leaders remain unaccounted for. Counterterrorism officials as saying that Al Shabaab recruiters, as well as being active in Minneapolis, were also operating in Boston, Seattle, San Diego, Washington and several other American cities with sizable Somali communities. canada goose jackets

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